Essential Tips To Consider If You Are Planning For A Beach Wedding

Beach wedding are not the typical romantic affairs like they are shown in movies. In reality, a beach wedding requires extensive planning and preparations to ensure that everything goes smoothly and doesn’t ruin one of the most memorable days of your life.  If done right, beach weddings can be a wonderful break from traditional weddings and can ensure that both you and your guests leave with plenty of happy and wonderful memories. Not to mention that beaches are absolutely beautiful which adds even more charm to your special day.

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So, if you’ve set your mind on saying your vows at the beach, then read on to get some tips and advice on how to ensure that your special day goes as smoothly as possible.

Public or Private

One of the biggest questions that you will face when deciding on a  beach wedding is whether to keep it public or private. If you do decide to keep it public then how to ensure that beachgoers don’t make themselves at home in your wedding or if you decide to keep it private then what are the rules and regulations regarding it? Generally, beach rules differ according to the location, but most beaches are open to the public, so if you are hoping for a private wedding then you will have to inquire about the required permissions or start really early before the wedding and look for privately owned  beaches and pay a fee for hosting your wedding there. Then, there’s also the option of beach resorts which offer destination wedding packages, but be prepared to really open up your wallet if you go with this option.

Permits and permissions

Beaches are public property and if you are not hosting your wedding on a privately owned beach then be prepared to inquire about the permits and permissions required. A lot of this depends on the kind of wedding you want to hold like the number of people attending, food and drink arrangements, setting a perimeter around the area, availability of alcohol, dangerous activities like bonfires, etc.  Check the rules and regulations first and then obtain the required permits or permissions to ensure that you don’t face any trouble from the authorities.


There will be quite a few arrangments required for hosting a good beach wedding starting with whether the guests will remain standing or will there be seating arrangements. Also, it is important to consider the elderly and guests with disabilities and make proper arrangements for their convenience. Consider wedding furniture for hire to ensure that it is comfortable for everyone include the bride and groom and also the guests. If you are also planning to host the reception along with the ceremony on the beach, then dining arrangments will need to be made. Amplification also plays a major part in beach weddings as the noise of the ocean waves will be loud and some sort of amplifier system will be required and arrangements for power supply for the sound system as well as other electrical objects such as lights and decor will also need to be done. You can either look at getting power supply from a nearby source if possible otherwise you will have to look at getting some form of portable power source.


Keep in mind the timings of the low and the high tide to avoid making your wedding a disaster and ensure that the high tide doesn’t affect your wedding area or wrap up the whole event before the high tide strikes.  Also, consider the season to ensure that your wedding is not interrupted by rain.

So, keep in mind these tips to make your beach wedding a success and hire a professional who does beach weddings so that you don’t leave anything to chance. Here in Perth, we have beautiful beaches which are perfect for hosting weddings and to make things more easier for you, we also provide wedding furniture for hire in Perth. Feel free to browse through various sections on the site.

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