And This is How I Organized My First Successful Corporate Event

“There is a first-time for everything” I remember the time when I was chosen to plan my very first corporate event, I was pretty nervous and goose bumps rolled all around me. After all, I am for the first time undertaking the challenge of organizing a corporate event for a reputable company. But anyhow, I had to do this and make it a grand success. Now corporate events vary in numerous size and purposes, I mean some corporations hosts events where you will find thousands of invitees while others tend to organize only for their internal staff members. So, whatever the occasion is, you require proper planning in order to make it a roaming success.

With a wide range of people attending an event, their choice of food, ambiances are bound to be different and this is one of the most basic reasons that makes a corporate planning more stressful and my case is no more an exception. So my task was just to make sure that at least 95% of the attendees have fun!

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So what I did was…

Depending on the size of your event, you need to start appointing assistants who can look after numerous areas of your event such as food, beverages, entertainment, furnishing products like chair hire in Perth, etc. So that each area gets proper attention and things run in a smooth manner. Here I would like to share a few words of wisdom from my personal experience which can help you in creating a successful event in the future.

Tip #1- Build an interesting agenda

No matter whether your budget is big or small, you will always have the power to organize a successful/remarkable event. All you need to do is to plan, keeping all the company’s goal in your mind (the brand awareness, sales, lead generation, new product launch, etc.). Always keep this in mind that why would people like to attend your event. Besides, today nobody likes listening to all those obvious marketing messages, even I personally don’t. So make sure you ask your speaker to deliver a brilliant, insightful presentation that directly or indirectly reflects on your brand.

Tip #2- Make your event social-ready

Most of the event platforms offer social features and on-site check-in options. So other than concentrating on the food, decorations and furnishing products like chair hire in Perth, make sure you end up creating a buzz around your event. Always remember this, a flawless event requires attention to the smallest details and preparation for unexpected hiccups and problems.

Tip #3- Plan all the “Before and After” in advance 

Before: -

  • The number of people you are about to invite and your estimation of how many will attend the event.
  • Duration of the event.
  • Fix a date (make sure you don’t wait for everyone’s availabilities)
  • Shortlist some interesting speakers
  • Choose a chair hire in Perth and make sure you can count on their reliability like I chose Eluma Event Solutions.

After : -

  • Send Thank You reminders to all the participants and speakers.
  • Show or distribute pictures and print them
  • Ask participants to evaluate your event
  • This was mine, what about you? Do you have any corporate event tips to share? Write in the comment below.

This was mine, what about you? Do you have any corporate event tips to share? Write in the comment below.