Tricks and Tips to Ensure Long Life of Your Furniture

Furniture is an important embodiment of your house. It reflects your personality, tastes, and identity. Providing comfort, it adds an ornamental touch to your interiors. Chosen rightly, it can transform your abode into an example of supremely marvelous dwelling. However, everything is subject to depreciation with time. Furniture is no exception. Even the objects of best quality deteriorate due to wear and tear. The good news is that it is not inevitable to avoid these damages. With proper handling, and care, you can ensure longevity of your wooden furniture and also give a new lease of life to your furniture.

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Take a look at some of the tips which can help you ensure the long-life of your furniture.

    • You need to regularly clean the finish on your wooden furniture.  Firstly, you need to wipe dirty furniture with soft cloths or paper towels.  Dampen a piece of cloth in warm soapy water to wipe your furniture. Use a dry soft cloth to clean the moisture remaining on the piece.
    • Avoid sun exposure when it comes to your furniture. This is highly difficult in case of wedding furniture hire Perth. Shield your furniture with a cloth incase sun rays enter your house through the window. Sunshine heats up the wood and results in fading. If exposed more to sun it may destroy the furniture over a period of time. All this can result in shrinking of the wood which ultimately leads to cracks.
    • Heating units or vents are the biggest enemies of wooden furniture. In case of wedding furniture hire Perth, you need to extra careful about not placing them hear heating units. They emanate dry heat will lead to drying out and shrinking of your wooden furniture. In drier months, a humidifier, which elevates moisture levels to 45-50 percent, can be used.
    • Remember that wood doesn’t eat. It gets sealed the moment it is sheathed by protective finish. No amount of polish or oil can penetrate it.
    • Always keep your furniture protected from stains which hot objects, such as coffee mugs, hot pizza boxes, might leave on it. In case, your wooden table ends up with water rings on it, you can simply apply mayonnaise on the stain. Wipe it off after half an hour and see the stain vanish.
    • Restore the glory of your old furniture with this simple trick. To add sheen to that old chair or table, just dab a piece of cloth, after putting few drops of coconut oil, on the piece. Rub the cloth on it in round circular motions. With this trick you can not only reinstate the deep color but also add a layer of protection.
    • If you are expecting guests at your home, and want to quickly fix the scratches and chips on your wooden furniture then you can use the apt color of show polish on them. This will dull the appearance of those scratches. You can also use a matching tip marker for a perfect camouflage.