• The Different Types of Bean Bags

    Bean Bags are extremely versatile and offer unmatched comfort. These popular furniture items have a long history behind them from their immense popularity in the 1970s to their more recent revival in today’s times. Bean bags have a tendency to make any place in your home extremely comfortable as they are lightweight and can be moved from one place to another easily. Kids, as well as adults, are equally fond of bean bags due to their coziness.

    Bean Bags today come in many shapes and sizes to suit different purposes. A person who wants to use his bean bag as a chair for video gaming will have different requirements than say a person who wants to laze around in one after returning home from work. So, it becomes necessary while buying a bean bag to keep the purpose and the place where you want to keep it in mind. Bean bags differ not only in their shapes and sizes but also in the materials used for its construction as well the fillings inside the bag. Bean bag materials range from nylon and leather to canvas, but nylon is widely popular due to its easy to clean and maintain nature and its durability.

    Bean Bag Hire Perth
    The popular types of bean bag shapes are listed below:

    Round bean bags:

    This is the most popular bean bag shape and what most people imagine when they hear or read the word bean bag. The shape of this type of bean bags is spherical like a ball and it comes in different materials and sizes. These bean bags are most suited for lazing around in the living room while watching a movie or playing a video game.

    Square bean bags:

    Relatively newer than round bean bags, square bean bags are a useful addition to the living room of any modern house where they serve very well in case additional sitting is required. The main point about square bean bags is that they can be used in a variety of ways like a temporary seating, a footrest or as a coffee table or as a flat surface on which to keep things like board games, etc. Due to their defined shape and lines, they serve the dual purpose of being a decorative piece by itself as well as an additional place for seating.

    Chair shaped bean bags:

    Perfect for playing video games, chair shaped bean bags also called teardrop shaped bean bags have a wide and round bottom with the top gradually tapering into a triangle shape. This type of bean bags offer more back support and it has a more defined shape. It also offers more of a traditional sitting-in-a-chair experience. Widely used in dorm rooms, this type of bean bags are popular among students and young adults.

    Extra large bean bags:

    Perfect for accommodating 2 or 3 people, this type of bean bags have an elongated shape and are perfect for lazing around with your loved ones while watching a movie or reading a book. Normally, large rooms like the living room and home theater rooms where there is a lot of space and where people will sit together around each other are the perfect places for keeping an extra large bean bag.

    Eluma Event Solutions is the answer to your furniture hire needs in perth. They offer all kinds of furniture on hire for preparing for different kinds of events. They also provide bean bags in Perth for hire so that your event has comfortable seating which will be enjoyed by both adults and kids alike.

  • Essential Tips To Consider If You Are Planning For A Beach Wedding

    Beach wedding are not the typical romantic affairs like they are shown in movies. In reality, a beach wedding requires extensive planning and preparations to ensure that everything goes smoothly and doesn’t ruin one of the most memorable days of your life.  If done right, beach weddings can be a wonderful break from traditional weddings and can ensure that both you and your guests leave with plenty of happy and wonderful memories. Not to mention that beaches are absolutely beautiful which adds even more charm to your special day.

    Wedding Furniture Hire Perth
    So, if you’ve set your mind on saying your vows at the beach, then read on to get some tips and advice on how to ensure that your special day goes as smoothly as possible.

    Public or Private

    One of the biggest questions that you will face when deciding on a  beach wedding is whether to keep it public or private. If you do decide to keep it public then how to ensure that beachgoers don’t make themselves at home in your wedding or if you decide to keep it private then what are the rules and regulations regarding it? Generally, beach rules differ according to the location, but most beaches are open to the public, so if you are hoping for a private wedding then you will have to inquire about the required permissions or start really early before the wedding and look for privately owned  beaches and pay a fee for hosting your wedding there. Then, there’s also the option of beach resorts which offer destination wedding packages, but be prepared to really open up your wallet if you go with this option.

    Permits and permissions

    Beaches are public property and if you are not hosting your wedding on a privately owned beach then be prepared to inquire about the permits and permissions required. A lot of this depends on the kind of wedding you want to hold like the number of people attending, food and drink arrangements, setting a perimeter around the area, availability of alcohol, dangerous activities like bonfires, etc.  Check the rules and regulations first and then obtain the required permits or permissions to ensure that you don’t face any trouble from the authorities.


    There will be quite a few arrangments required for hosting a good beach wedding starting with whether the guests will remain standing or will there be seating arrangements. Also, it is important to consider the elderly and guests with disabilities and make proper arrangements for their convenience. Consider wedding furniture for hire to ensure that it is comfortable for everyone include the bride and groom and also the guests. If you are also planning to host the reception along with the ceremony on the beach, then dining arrangments will need to be made. Amplification also plays a major part in beach weddings as the noise of the ocean waves will be loud and some sort of amplifier system will be required and arrangements for power supply for the sound system as well as other electrical objects such as lights and decor will also need to be done. You can either look at getting power supply from a nearby source if possible otherwise you will have to look at getting some form of portable power source.


    Keep in mind the timings of the low and the high tide to avoid making your wedding a disaster and ensure that the high tide doesn’t affect your wedding area or wrap up the whole event before the high tide strikes.  Also, consider the season to ensure that your wedding is not interrupted by rain.

    So, keep in mind these tips to make your beach wedding a success and hire a professional who does beach weddings so that you don’t leave anything to chance. Here in Perth, we have beautiful beaches which are perfect for hosting weddings and to make things more easier for you, we also provide wedding furniture for hire in Perth. Feel free to browse through various sections on the site.

  • When Hired Furniture Helps You Make A Sale

    It has become a popular practice nowadays to use hired furniture for making a house sale. In an effort to make the house look enticing and attractive to potential buyers, home owners rent or hire furniture depending on what would go well with their house.

  • Why Hiring Furniture Can Make Planning For Your Events Much Easier

    When was the last time that planning for an event didn’t stress you out?

    Everyone who has planned either a personal or a formal event knows that event planning can be incredibly stressful and taxing. And that stress only gets worse as the event nears because there are so many things that need to be done and so many things that need to come together perfectly to make the event a success so it’s only natural that it would stress anyone out. A lot of factors come into play while planning for an event and it’s a common observation that planning for a good event is also costly. One of the major components of this cost of planning for an event is the furniture.

    Event Hire Perth
    The nature of events demands that it has to be special and furniture plays a big role in determining how special your event is. But, until recently it was really hard to do an event on a budget as different types of events require different types of furniture and most of this furniture is used at most 1 or 2 times as it is event specific and is mostly bought according to the nature of the event and it’s surroundings so as to complement it.But, recently the boom in the number of furniture hire companies has presented a ray for hope for event planners.

    Hiring furniture for events can be really beneficial to you for a variety of reasons chief among them is the cost of hiring compared to buying the furniture. Most of the furniture hire vendors offer furniture for events at a fraction of the cost of buying furniture with an added deposit which you will be reimbursed when you return the furniture. With furniture for hire available at a fraction of the cost of buying it, you won’t have to worry about the budget anymore and can focus on getting the best kind of furniture to make your event special.

    Also, most of these furniture hire vendors have an extensive range of various types of furniture thus you can freely choose the right kind of furniture which would complement your event’s nature and the ambiance of the place. Freedom of choice and that too at inexpensive prices can really help lessen the stress and worry of an event planner. Another thing that you don’t have to worry about when hiring furniture is the quality of furniture. These vendors have high-quality furniture which won’t look like you have bought it from a thrift store or a second-hand store.

    But the perks of hiring furniture doesn’t end here. The stress of planning for an event is further augmented by worrying about the delivery timings of the furniture that you bought, but all of that stress dissolves away with hiring furniture because most of the reputed companies will take care of the delivery and being an event hire company, they will understand your need for urgency and stick to the schedule.

    The benefits clearly show that hiring furniture for events is far more economical as well as convenient than buying. Just make sure that you choose an event furniture hire company after good research or from good word of mouth reviews. We have an extensive range of furniture for event hire in Perth. Take a look at our website and decide for yourself.

  • Reasons to Hire Wedding Furniture in Advance

    Organizing a wedding needs a great deal of hard work and planning. There are loads of things which you need to check from the list of to-dos before the D-day. There are certain tasks which have obvious priority. These tasks include fixing a date, time, and venue of the wedding. There might be some tasks which you might include later on but can cause stress if neglected or forgotten.

    This brings us to one important part of wedding which is furniture. Going for wedding furniture for hire in Perth in advance helps a great deal. It helps in avoiding last minute stress. To get that combination of furniture, which steals the hearts of onlookers, you really need to go for wedding furniture hire in Perth well before time.

    Wedding Furniture Hire Perth
    Imagine the level of disappointment you will face when you will see your favorite chairs and tables being booked by someone else and you are too late. Following are the tips to follow if you are looking to go for wedding furniture hire in Perth.

    Know When The Peak Season Is:

    Most of the people organize or plan weddings during the times when the weather is sunny and filled with gorgeous blooms. If you are planning to wed on weekends during the peak seasons then it is better to book tables and chairs in advance. Wedding in peak season requires you to book your furniture 10-12 months in advance. Other times of the year when you should book well ahead of time is before a public holiday or long weekend.

    Give Consideration to Other Decorative Pieces

    Apart from the basic furniture you might also require other pieces such as cocktail furniture, crockery, glassware, linen, etc. If you are sure about specific decorative items, then it is better to book them in advance. Once you have hired wedding furniture in advance then you can move ahead to book other accessories.

    Waiting for Final Figures:

    I know RSVP keeps coming till the last minute. However, this should not stop you from booking furniture in advance. When booking, leave a provision for reduction in number of chairs or tables. You can book in high numbers and later reduce those based on RSVPs.

    Cross Check your Venue Package:

    Wedding venues usually offer furniture as a part of their package. When you have gone for such a package it is wise to check the quality of the tables and chairs offered. The type of furniture, the material (plastic, or other), the design, additional decorative items included, etc. should be checked in detail. Invest in high quality furniture which is appealing rather than investing in a lot of decorations, flowers, or lighting. Checking the furniture offered by venue owners helps in deciding if you would like to bring in your own set.

    Simply put, wedding furniture should be hired in advance if you want to get the best piece available. It is also important to avoid last minute hassles.

  • Make Event Preparations Easier With Event Hire Companies in Perth!

    No matter, whether you run a small business or big business, you might feel the importance or need of hosting an event either to promote a new product or promote your company. In such cases, you have to hire the company that can do all the arrangements on your behalf. Right from decorations to activities, you need to plan everything perfectly so that the event is executed without any hassles. But getting all these things done all alone is a real daunting task. This is the reason why you are asked to hire the companies that can host your event with perfection.

    Event Hire Perth
    What Do These Companies Offer?

    This is the question that most people will come out with when they are asked to hire the event hire Company in Perth. If it is the first time you are going to hire the company that does event management, then you definitely get such questions at the back of your mind. Of course, it is not a bad idea to know what they can offer and whether or not it is worthful to hire the company. Since, these things will let you take a right decision at the right time. The event management company can provide the following services,

    • The event management company will do all the arrangements of your event right from arranging furniture to foods. If these things are done, it means that your half job is done. Since, arrangements matters a lot. A good arrangement is what can make your event more promising and attention-grabbing.
    • Do not think that, the event company will arrange in a same manner for all such events. If you think like that, then I would say that you are extremely mistaken. Since, the event management company will do the arrangements and decorations according to your needs and type of the event. So, you do not have to bother about that point.
    • Most importantly, the event hire companies will strive hard to meet your requirements with regards to hosting your event. They will get the arrangements and decorations done inside your budget. So, you do not need to spend something that your budget does not support.
    • Timely delivery is the best feature of event hire companies in Perth. Yes, this is what every client expects. Finishing the event’s decorations and planning on time and handing over the decorated and fully furnished event venue at the right time to the event organizers are something that has no comparison. With no doubts, your job will be done on time.
    • You can simply enjoy your event decorations from the other side. The event management company has efficient team of workers to get your job quite comfortably and convincingly.

    Advantages of Hiring the Event Management Company

    • First of all, you can enjoy the real bliss of organizing an event if you hire the event management company. Yes, the company will provide the dedicated efforts to make your event successful and memorable.
    • Next is that, the event management company has a lot of connections with various companies. By the way, they can make all arrangements for food, furniture, sound systems, video systems and interior decorations for your event. This will definitely save your time that you spend on finding various services.
    • The company will do the arrangements of your event in such a manner that can make some sense to the attendees of your event.

    What are you waiting for? Hire the event management company and enjoy all these services and advantages.

  • What Are The Different Uses Of Bean Bags In Perth

    Many times we face a dilemma where we find a comfortable cozy chair which best suits our requirement but isn’t as attractive or beautiful to look at. Or maybe it doesn’t go with the color of your apartment, or many more reasons. Comfort and décor can always go hand in hand it just needs a bit of your attention. It is always relaxing to come and sit on a super comfortable chair or bed to make yourself home after a long tired day. How about this same comfortable piece of furniture adding beauty and funk to your apartment? Amazing isn’t it? Bean bags are one such piece of furniture.

    Bean Bags In Perth
    What are bean bags?

    They are super comfortable as well as available in so many designs and colors that it is not possible that you can’t find your own match. These are bags sealed all over and are filled up with dried beans which gave it, its name ‘bean bags’. These can also be filled with PVC pellets or expanded polystyrene. Expanded polypropylene can also be another material which can be used to fill up the sealed bags.

    How can they be used?

    Bean bags can be used in a number of ways other than the furniture. There are many applications of bean bags in our daily lives and can be used in different ways. Some of the commonly used places for bean bags are:

    Furniture: as already seen above bean bags Perth can be really comfortable and beautiful chairs that can be used as furniture in our homes. These make as great furniture for a funky place or a classy place. Bean bags are available in a large array of designs and colors that can match your requirement and demand without any fuss. These are such pretty pieces that can easily blend with your already existing furniture and color of your apartment.

    Games: small bean bags are made especially for game purposes. Small bean bags are great for juggling and make great toys for little babies and tiny tots.

    Pool floats: yes! These can also be used as pool floats as majority of the material used in the making of these bags are water resistant. Though these make beautiful recreational floats these shouldn’t be relied upon as safety equipment.

    Pet beds: something cute for your pet? Little customized bean bags are your call. These bean bags can be used as cute little pet beds four little pumpkins. They are extremely comfortable and will also be great change for your pets than the usual beds. It will be also be exciting for them to have a new different bed.

    Safety helmets:In some games little round bean bags are used as safety helmets, as they cushion our heads and protect them from facing any accidents

    Therapeutic uses: These bags can be really useful for therapeutic concerns for autistic children. The pressure and comfort help them to concentrate better and learn things easily.

    Camera Stands: These bean bags are also used by many photographers as camera stands when tripods aren’t available. They make a good steady platform for the camera to take beautiful pictures.

    With so many different uses and applications bean bags have become a must have piece of good to have. These are the new trend of lifestyle and are much in demand so go and find the best bean bags for your place. Or give your pets a fancy new abode of their own to enjoy their days. A new piece in your house is calling out to be welcomed.

  • Dancing Made More Exciting On the Dance Floors!

    Parties and dancing are the life of all party animals and organizing one is what all of them are experts in. They will have knowledge of almost everything about parties, from cheap beer and food till the best party music going on. These people are great party lovers and do give you the best experiences of your life. But this does make organizing parties a tedious task for some of us and some maybe experts in it, but you are a true party animal only if you have all the information about dance floor hire in Perth. Yes, I mean it dance floors are now in trend and a great investment for everybody who loves parties. Weddings are events where dancing is a priority, and that is where you need a perfect dancing floor to make your day memorable. Wedding days are days that just come once in your life so why not make it memorable and dance the night away!

    Dance Floor Hire Perth
    You can now have your own dance floor hire in Perth at your place or outdoors. These can be a fantastic add on to your parties. You can get these dance floors for hire in Perth in different patterns like either black and white chessboard pattern or complete black or complete white flooring. These floorings are also available in black starlight pattern that give a beautiful view to your room and add up to the beauty of the ambience. These starlight floors shine in the dark, and give an elegant and graceful view to your decor.

    These floors are available in various sizes, you can get them in 3 panels× 3 panels which makes up to 90cm×90cm. Mostly these are hired in 4 panels× 4 panels or 5 panels×5 panels. These floorings can also be made according to your demands. These companies also provide you with suggestions according to the number of guests coming to your party.

    Installation of these floorings is not so difficult. You yourself can attach them with the directions given by the company or ask the company for installation services on extra charges. Same is with the disintegration of the flooring too. The companies provide these services with great efficiency and provide them at reasonable rates.

    These dance floors are generally made of oak or timber which makes the best investment for the night. They come in different colons too and are screwed to one another. These companies take care to give us the best floors with edges well designed so that no tripping over it happens.

    These floors are usually very low maintenance. The good quality of the material used gives you a good grip over the floor which avoids slipping or falling. But if under unavoidable circumstances, the floor is either damaged or broken beyond repair the company charges you extra for the same

    So, dance floors are your trend for the next party you organize. Go around look in for the best deals provided by the dealers and get your own dance floor now!

  • Finding The Right Match and Organizing the Wedding party

    No matter what the religion, culture, and society, women are now pursuing office work along with the home chores. Most of the guys like to marry a girl who can handle home and office in a balanced way.If you have set your mind to marry a girl who takes care of the house and loves to do house-holdchores, you should know various facts of her. You must know if

    • She knows the duties and responsibilities very well.
    • She is tactful enough to handle your home
    • Mentally and physically fit to perform every household work.

    You must not only know if she is right for you but you must also give her a chance to know if you are the one she is looking for. You must also know her expectations from her life-partner. Once you feel that the girl is the right fit for you, you can go ahead and hire outdoor party furniture to organize the wedding.

    Outdoor Party Furniture

    Tips for organizing wedding party:

    1. Hire the right furniture. Decide the types of chairs you wish to hire for the ceremony. There are a lot of style of chairs and decoration for chairs available to make your wedding an outstanding event.
    2. Before going for hiring outdoor party furniture, you need to prepare the guest list. This will give you an idea on the number of guests coming to the party and order for furniture accordingly. You will also know if there are any differently abled individuals and then make arrangements to make them feel comfortable.
    3. You should also consider the weather before calling the guy for arranging outdoor party furniture. If you are going to arrange the wedding party during rainy season or when rains can be expected, then you also need to create shade so that the guests don’t suffer any inconvenience.
    4. Decide the menu in advance. You will surely not be serving your vendors the same food that you will be serving your guests. Inform your wedding caterer about this in advance and decide the menu list for each.
    5. Keep things organized. From your guest list to contact numbers of all vendors, keep everything at well-defined places so that you can grab them whenever you wish to. Keep everything in folders, including quotes, invoices, and bills.
    6. Establish a kid’s policy which is consistent for all your guests. You can either welcome them with open arms or keep “adults only” ceremony. However, if you feel that this is rude, you can allow close relatives to come with kids.
    7. Give detailed driving directions to your guests so that they can reach the venue without facing any hassles. This will help them enjoy the event rather than just wasting time in searching for the wedding venue.

    Using the right tricks and tips, you can transform your wedding day into an unforgettable event not only for your guests but also for your family.

  • Types of Chairs Which Must Be Hired At Different Events

    Chairs are the most frequently used items for wedding furniture hire in Perth. Any wedding is incomplete without decorative chairs. As per the occasion, you can choose variety of seating. The types of decorative chairs you hire decide the success and grandiloquence of the event. Many residents hire event furniture in Perth to make their events outstanding. Even the chair covers chosen must represent the event.

    By going for wedding furniture hire in Perth you can offer great deal of comfort to your guests while adding style to your event. There are a number of chairs available which you can choose for different events.

    Wooden chairs: Being economical, people from all financial backgrounds can use them. They radiate elegance once they are adorned with ribbons, bows, or ties.

    Ghost Chairs: Being smooth, they are fit to be used at every wedding party. Being clear, they rightly blend classic glam with modernism and make an event outstanding. They are very popular and garner much attention from guests.

    Wedding Furniture Hire Perth

    Chiavari Chairs: They are best and mostly used for hire event furniture in Perth. Being elegant and simple, they are commonly used at all weddings or gatherings.

    Bar stools:

    They are perfect for bar height tables on wedding occasions. The standard height of a bar stool is 42 inches and they are designed accordingly. There are different types of bar stools available for hire. They include black bar stool, bar stool chiavari black, bar stool amber resin, and bar stool lucite.

    Banquet chairs:

    As the name suggests, banquet chairs are suitable for indoor events, and during conferences. They are covered with velvet cloth which is fire resistant. One thing that they promise is versatility. They are available in a range of colors including blue, beige, black and burgundy.

    White wood chair:

    Exuding class, white wood chairs come in exquisite design and offer natural posture. They are not only chic but make a person, who sits on them, feel comfortable. They are formed using solid hardwood, which is mar-resistant black or white enamel. They are provided with an option of cover colors to add elegance to any event decor.

    Bentwood chair:

    Designed with the classic Thonet bentwood chair as an inspiration, this classic cafe-type chair offers style with relaxation. They are mostly used during events organized in outdoor venues such as a garden. They are more suitable for rustic and open-space settings such as tent, barn, or brick-walled loft.

    Cross-back chair: These are elegant chairs that fit a farmhouse. Owing to its curved lines and X-shaped back they deliver a classic feel to a rustic ambience.

    Versailles chair: It is a stylish chair which gains influence from France. Such chairs are suitable for classic and formal wedding occasions. Mainly available in glided gold, they are also provided in neutral colors such as black and white on demand.

    Every event can be made special by making the guests feel comfortable. Use from the variety of chairs for a remarkable event.

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