The Different Types of Bean Bags

Bean Bags are extremely versatile and offer unmatched comfort. These popular furniture items have a long history behind them from their immense popularity in the 1970s to their more recent revival in today’s times. Bean bags have a tendency to make any place in your home extremely comfortable as they are lightweight and can be moved from one place to another easily. Kids, as well as adults, are equally fond of bean bags due to their coziness.

Bean Bags today come in many shapes and sizes to suit different purposes. A person who wants to use his bean bag as a chair for video gaming will have different requirements than say a person who wants to laze around in one after returning home from work. So, it becomes necessary while buying a bean bag to keep the purpose and the place where you want to keep it in mind. Bean bags differ not only in their shapes and sizes but also in the materials used for its construction as well the fillings inside the bag. Bean bag materials range from nylon and leather to canvas, but nylon is widely popular due to its easy to clean and maintain nature and its durability.

Bean Bag Hire Perth
The popular types of bean bag shapes are listed below:

Round bean bags:

This is the most popular bean bag shape and what most people imagine when they hear or read the word bean bag. The shape of this type of bean bags is spherical like a ball and it comes in different materials and sizes. These bean bags are most suited for lazing around in the living room while watching a movie or playing a video game.

Square bean bags:

Relatively newer than round bean bags, square bean bags are a useful addition to the living room of any modern house where they serve very well in case additional sitting is required. The main point about square bean bags is that they can be used in a variety of ways like a temporary seating, a footrest or as a coffee table or as a flat surface on which to keep things like board games, etc. Due to their defined shape and lines, they serve the dual purpose of being a decorative piece by itself as well as an additional place for seating.

Chair shaped bean bags:

Perfect for playing video games, chair shaped bean bags also called teardrop shaped bean bags have a wide and round bottom with the top gradually tapering into a triangle shape. This type of bean bags offer more back support and it has a more defined shape. It also offers more of a traditional sitting-in-a-chair experience. Widely used in dorm rooms, this type of bean bags are popular among students and young adults.

Extra large bean bags:

Perfect for accommodating 2 or 3 people, this type of bean bags have an elongated shape and are perfect for lazing around with your loved ones while watching a movie or reading a book. Normally, large rooms like the living room and home theater rooms where there is a lot of space and where people will sit together around each other are the perfect places for keeping an extra large bean bag.

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