Reasons to Hire Wedding Furniture in Advance

Organizing a wedding needs a great deal of hard work and planning. There are loads of things which you need to check from the list of to-dos before the D-day. There are certain tasks which have obvious priority. These tasks include fixing a date, time, and venue of the wedding. There might be some tasks which you might include later on but can cause stress if neglected or forgotten.

This brings us to one important part of wedding which is furniture. Going for wedding furniture for hire in Perth in advance helps a great deal. It helps in avoiding last minute stress. To get that combination of furniture, which steals the hearts of onlookers, you really need to go for wedding furniture hire in Perth well before time.

Wedding Furniture Hire Perth
Imagine the level of disappointment you will face when you will see your favorite chairs and tables being booked by someone else and you are too late. Following are the tips to follow if you are looking to go for wedding furniture hire in Perth.

Know When The Peak Season Is:

Most of the people organize or plan weddings during the times when the weather is sunny and filled with gorgeous blooms. If you are planning to wed on weekends during the peak seasons then it is better to book tables and chairs in advance. Wedding in peak season requires you to book your furniture 10-12 months in advance. Other times of the year when you should book well ahead of time is before a public holiday or long weekend.

Give Consideration to Other Decorative Pieces

Apart from the basic furniture you might also require other pieces such as cocktail furniture, crockery, glassware, linen, etc. If you are sure about specific decorative items, then it is better to book them in advance. Once you have hired wedding furniture in advance then you can move ahead to book other accessories.

Waiting for Final Figures:

I know RSVP keeps coming till the last minute. However, this should not stop you from booking furniture in advance. When booking, leave a provision for reduction in number of chairs or tables. You can book in high numbers and later reduce those based on RSVPs.

Cross Check your Venue Package:

Wedding venues usually offer furniture as a part of their package. When you have gone for such a package it is wise to check the quality of the tables and chairs offered. The type of furniture, the material (plastic, or other), the design, additional decorative items included, etc. should be checked in detail. Invest in high quality furniture which is appealing rather than investing in a lot of decorations, flowers, or lighting. Checking the furniture offered by venue owners helps in deciding if you would like to bring in your own set.

Simply put, wedding furniture should be hired in advance if you want to get the best piece available. It is also important to avoid last minute hassles.

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