Dress up your reception space gracefully

First of all, big fat congratulations to those who are getting married, and trust me it’s a great feeling! Now I am pretty sure that soon you will start preparing for one of the happiest days of your life, but before you proceed further take a look at the post which explores several crucial pointers to keep in mind while decorating your reception. After all, “Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth.”

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Spread the light
Remember your wedding reception has to be grand, after all, it’s your day! So over lighting your space by hanging extra lights, chandeliers, lanterns, cafe lights on those lofty ceilings in order to make the space more beautiful and intimidating.

Take the whole thing inside out
Talk to your professional, I mean the planner or choose the best wedding furniture hire Perth and try something unique like bringing small pots of flowers over the dinner tables or creating greenery especially around the head table.

Get along with the Drapes
Draping effectively can really create wonders for you! One can create an entirely different world with the help of drapes, all they could do is choose a fabric that complements the remaining decor. On the contrary, draping just a ceiling can make you feeling entirely different

Furniture that makes you feel admired
You will be quite interested to know that we offer one of the finest wedding furniture hire in Perth. All you need to do is get in touch choose something that gives your space an exceptional and eye- catching look.

Small detailing could make huge differences
Once you are done with everything, look around and see where else can you bring more drama. For instance, shine a monogram gobo on the wall behind or add some sparkle.

So that’s all for now! You will be stepping into an another world, so why not create one for your D-day. For more information and updates, keep watching the space!

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