Learn How To Conduct A Budget-Friendly Wedding Ceremony in The Backyard

What could be the best wedding gift to give your daughter especially when she is about to start a spectacular phase of her life? A car? No! A honeymoon package? No! It is to bid her goodbye from her own house, the soul of the space which has been lovingly crafted over time. From the birth to the adulthood, memories that we make, bit by bit, all the laughs, cries, emotions, people take to make a home and not a structure. I personally feel that planning a backyard wedding ceremony in your very own space is the best thing to do for your loved one.

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Other than this, planning a backyard wedding can be so much fun and affordable. I mean you can be as creative as you want with your venue. Now we all know that your wedding theme always depends on the place where you are organizing the wedding. and most of the churches and hotels aim to impose their ideas and plans on us which is quite a problem. But planning one in your own backyard means you have the full liberty to customize the theme/ decorations/wedding furniture hire right according to your needs and specifications.

Here in the post, I would like to share a few easy tips and tricks for performing a budget-friendly wedding ceremony in your own backyard.

Clean the space – If you are planning to perform all the marriage rituals at home, then you must clean the entire space and make it spotless. I would personally recommend doing things prior to your wedding date. And trust me there is nothing romantic about mopping the floors before your daughter’s D-Day. So, all you can do is hire a skilled professional who is well-versed with deep cleaning services.

Decorations – Along with a shining and spotless house, decorate your space in such a way that it creates a festive atmosphere for all your precious guests. Go around looking for the best wedding furniture hire, tea lights, bean bags, lounge, high tables, wooden coffee tables, LED blossom lights, etc.

Food catering & Alchohol - Whatever budget you have decided for your wedding ceremony, just ensure to feed your guests well. For example, I remember one of our clients, organizing a classy house party theme for their wedding so what they did was:-

The spread – All the finger foods were arranged at great heights. They even placed a unique looking serving bowl to mix nuts.

The BBQ – Imagine a BBQ at the wedding! Yes, they did organize a BBQ set up with the help of all the required tools & equipments, wedding furniture hire such as stools, ottomans seatings, tables, etc. Everyone was welcomed to help themselves, buffet style.

A perfect looking wedding cake – A cake that’s neither too fancy and nor too simple. Apart from this, they chose an heirloom piece on the top of it.

Alcohol – They had a beer, some bottles of wine and a sweet tea vodka, again the “help yourself” vibe going on.

In Conclusion, at home weddings or wedding ceremony taking place in your backyard with the help of the best wedding furniture hire in Perth is a decision worth considering. Although, a wedding can get stressful at times no matter how casual you try to organize one but always remember what and for whom you are celebrating.