The Wedding Cost Estimator: Let’s Calculate First!

Wedding Furniture Hire PerthAre you up for the “lived happily ever after” phase? Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life where two half’s of the same soul join together to walk in the life’s journey and maybe that is the reason why many of us aim to organize a perfect wedding. Well, a perfect looking wedding can be organized in any budget whether you choose to spend $100,000, $10,000 or just $1,000. It’s all about spending wisely!

Let the process begin….

Who is paying what? Decide upon who is paying and for what. However, you can divide the budget for easy calculations. Perhaps, the 50-50 solution always works. Apart from this, you can ask each parent to finance a particular aspect of wedding ranging from the ceremony to reception to honeymoon, catering, wedding furniture hire Perth and more.

Next is what kind of wedding are you planning? I mean are you thinking of a creating a formal candle light dinner in the grand ballroom or a family style wedding menu in an amazing hotel. In addition to this, will it include an afternoon tea or a dessert party in your backyard? Consider all these aspects and then proceed.

After this comes the guest list, You can have a menu that offers per-head costs for food and liquor or you can have a buffet. One of the obvious ways to reduce expense is cut your guest lists to minimal. I mean to choose the ones that are near and dear to you. Apart from guest lists, you can even save by choosing our wedding furniture hire Perth because you won’t need much of everything.

The Location, some cities or towns are said to be more expensive than others, but choosing small towns or remote destinations can not only save a great amount of money but even offer you an amazing space especially during the peak season.

The date, If you are choosing a date during the peak seasons then the prices are more likely to rise no matter what. Apart from this an evening reception is more expensive than the afternoon one because of extra wedding furniture hire Perth and people tend to drink more and eat more in the evening, etc.

Last but certainly not the least, whatever budget you decide upon make sure you allot at least 5%  to the “just-in-case fund“ in order to avoid unnecessary stress.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post!